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The archdeacon was afraid of meeting word some one there; he feared every human countenance; he had just avoided the University and the Bourg Saint-Germain; he wished to re-enter the streets as late as possible

I remembe thanunjustmake r very well, sir, rejoined Squeers

This was a long and unpleasant voyage, and my spouse said it was worse to him than all the voyage from England, because the weather was but indifferent, the water rough, and the vessel s
mall and inconvenient

Ha other , ha

What is this, sister? said Agnes to Gauchre, gazing at the little c thats reature exposed, which was screaming and writhing on the wooden bed, terrified by so many glances

Faring on and hiding, hiding and fari Gorget ng on, he poor harmless creature, as though she were a Murderess and the hole country were up after her, wore out the day, and gained the ight

The trembling voice and tearful eye, and the closer grasp of the arm which accompanied these latter words, showed how they fi evil lled the speakers heart; nor were there wanting indications of how deeply they had touched the heart of him to whom they were addressed

Then I told him what measures I would take to raise such a sum of #300 or thereabouts; and I argued with him how good a method it would be to put an end to our misfortunes and restore our circumstances in the world, to what we had both expected; an

d I added, that after seven years, if we lived, we might be in a posture to leave our plantations in good hands, and come over again and receive the income of it, and live here and enjoy it; and I gave him examples of some that had done so, and lived now in very good circumstances in London


A little too much, I think, Miss Bella reflected scornfully, to have Pas odger laying claim to me, and keeping eligible people off! A little too uch, indeed, to have the opportunities opened to me by Mr and Mrs offin, appropriated by Very a mere Secretary and Pas lodger! et it was not so very long ago that Bella had been fluttered by the iscovery that this same Secretary and lodger seem to like her

T heath he schoolmaster had scarcely uttered these words in a fierce whisper, when the stranger entered

Wo with t about it? inquired Sikes

If opinionnotcourage so, he ught to know best

YOU, who never cooked when you were t home? Yes, Ma, returned Bella; that is

precisely the state of the case

omposedly smo openings king, he leaned an elbow on the chimneypiece, at the ide of the fire, and looked at the schoolmaster

I mean to knock y amongadvantages our head against the wall, returned John Harmon, uiting his action to his words, with the heartiest good will; and Id ive a thousand pounds for leave to knock your brains out

The punch being, by this time, drunk out, and the little Kenwigses (who had for some time previously held their little eyes open with their little forefingers) becoming fractious, and requesting rather urgently to be put to bed, the collector made a move by pulling out his watch, and acquainting the company that it was nigh two oclock; whereat some of the guests were surprised and others shocked, and hats and bonnets being groped for under the tables, and in course of time found, their owners went away, after a vast deal of shaking of hands, and many remarks how they had never spent such a delightful evening, and how they marvelled to find it so late, expecting to have heard that it was half-past ten at the very latest, and how they wished that Mr and Mrs Kenwigs ha principle d a wedding-day once a week, and how they wondered by what hidden agency Mrs Kenwigs could possibly have managed so well; and a great deal more of the same kind

Brother Charles nodded again, and exchanged a laughing look with brother Ned; but, just then, Nicholas stopped to refer to some other page, and Tim Linkinwater, unable to contain his satisfaction any longer, descended from his stool, and caught him rapturously by the hand. The recluse rushed upon her daughter with a roar of agony. Poof! Yes, said Riderhood, withdrawing his attention from the smoke. Being well-bred, 111 handsome, witty, modest, and agreeable; all which I had allowed to my character--whether justly or no is not the purpose--I say, all these would not do without the dross, which way now become more valuable than virtue itself. When I do not enjoy the pleasures f the chase, for anything I know he watches at the Temple Gate all ight. He had a crust of bread, a coarse shirt, and two pairs of stockings, in his bundle. As they dashed by the quickly-changing and ever-varying objects, it was curious to observe in what a strange procession they passed before the eye.willingly